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Target group:

Role-playing game

The method was used in class “Local government”.

Role-playing refers to the changing of one’s behaviour to assume a role local Councillor.

1.5-2 h

Target group

  • Young adults (cca. 17 – 26 years)
  • Youth workers


Show, how decisions are made during the session. Young people can feel like a local councillor and decide about local stuff. They can create coalitions and learn to work in group.


Instruction for participants of the game – whom they play, ballot, papers, pens

Specific Environment

We reccomend a school class

Specific goals

Raising the level of skills that are useful/helpful for youth to their social involvement/participation ( such as self-confidence, leadership, …); Motivating young people to engage into local authority; Advise young people how to put their entrepreneurial ideas into social practice (e.g. presentation of project methodology, strategical planning, etc.)


  1. Divide the Participants into four/ five small groups (3–4 people each);
  2. Each group represents a different political party;
  3. Members elect the President;
  4. Participants get instructions, which describe the programmes of political parties and problem that must be solved;
  5. Members of political parties must achieve a political compromise.

Outcomes and its measurability

Project in which the method has been used

Title Classes Local government
Contact person + e-mail Dr. Andrzej Ferens