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Target group:

Round tables

Few round tables (or something similar) where participants can comfortably sit and discuss specific topics/problems connected with their towns, schools, neighbourhoods, etc. Participants of every group indentify two main challenges in area of their interests.

2 h

Target group

  • Older Kids (cca. 6 – 12 years)
  • Teenagers (cca. 13 – 18 years)
  • Young adults (cca. 17 – 26 years)
  • Youth with fewer opportunities
  • Youth workers
  • Teachers


It is about identifying main challenges for specific topics (e.g. environment, traffic, security, culture etc.).

Expressing your own opinion, respecting and listening to opinions of others, civic participation, possibility to meet other active people/Citizens etc.

The method can be used also for other content.


Flipcharts, markers, refreshment

Specific Environment

Open space

Specific goals

Raising the level of skills that are useful/helpful for youth to their social involvement/participation ( such as self-confidence, leadership, …); Motivation, support and encouraging young people to engage into initiatives groups, Non-Governmental organizations, volunteering, youth councils and other bodies to act socially for the local communities; Advise young people how to identify, diagnose or just name challenges and problems of their social environment;


  1. Preparation of subtopics and space - tables, chairs, refreshments.
  2. There should be main moderator who welcomes people, set the rules and time schedule.
  3. People are divided into groups – depends on their own interests. Every group has its facilitator.
  4. It’s open space - they can move from table to table, choose topics and discuss them.
  5. Ideal time for this part is 30–40 minutes.
  6. Then participants choose two main challenges/problems at each table. These two will be presented by the representative of the group to other groups.
  7. All suggestions will be written together and participants will vote only for TOP 10 (TOP 5).
  8. Final suggestions will be presented to stakeholders.

Outcomes and its measurability

We’ll get 10 (5) most important problems in researching area. It will be transmitted to stakeholders who are responsible to make steps to solve it. During the next meeting there is a revision of their work with problems.

Project in which the method has been used

Title Forum of healthy town Třebíč
Project URL

This activity is a part of national project National network of healthy towns in Czech Republic.