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Target group:

Ruined map

Method ruined map is developing civic competences and social competences. It is dependent on attractive work in groups of participants. Groups are collecting cut pictures of sights and place them on the map of Czechia. After that each group presents its map with another interesting information about the sights.

25 min

Target group

  • Older Kids (cca. 6 – 12 years)


 Main goal of this activity is developed knowledge about national identity. Participants working cooperatively in groups, so they should discuss and presented their ideas in front of another groups. Content of activity is mainly to recognize UNESCO sights and cities in Czechia (Prague, Lednice, etc-). It is combining a blank map of Czechia with information from internet, books or atlas. Groups are firstly self-educated in UNESCO sights in Czechia, after that they should discuss about importance of this places in history. Main method use in this activity is learning by doing. Groups learn themselves about UNESCO, that they are doing map poster of Czechia.

The method can be used also for other content (European capital cities, etc.)


For each group - Pictures of UNESCO sights – cut into small pieces, A3 blank map of Czechia, glue, pen

Specific Environment

Club-room, school class

Specific goals

Raising the level of skills that are useful/helpful for youth to their social involvement/participation ( such as self-confidence, leadership, …); Advise young people how to put their entrepreneurial ideas into social practice (e.g. presentation of project methodology, strategical planning, etc.); work with new technologies (online sources)


We divide participants in 4 groups of 5 participants each.

Preparation: cutting photos, hiding photos, dividing groups


  1. Searching for the pictures of the UNESCO sights
  2. Collecting photos and glue it into the blank map of Czechia on the right geographic places.
  3. Write description of pictures in each group and add another 3 important information (use atlas, smartphone)
  4. Short discussion in each group about information and choose one leader, who will present their poster outcome.
  5. Presentation of poster outcome in front of all group, leader should tell also information about sights
  6. Evaluation by main person, short information for participants what is UNESCO. Correct wrong information and short discussion about importance of this places in history.
  7. Poster outcome is placed in club-room on visible notice board.

Outcomes and its measurability

The main outcome that can be measured is the poster with photos of sights. Validation criteria can be level of cooperative working in groups. Also, it can be to validate quality of posters, but this is not the main aim.

Project in which the method has been used

Title Section meeting of boy scout troop Polarka Kromeriz
Project URL
Contact person + e-mail Stanislav Štěpáník,