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Target group:


This website is about educational methods and activities. You can easily find them using Search or the Methods icon. They are presented in an easy-to-understand way, but if you feel unsure about anything, here you will find the explanation.

Let’s start with explaining the icons:

Environment, where the activity can take place (inside, outside…)

Ideal number of participants, for which the activity is intended

Time duration – how much time you should reserve for the activity

Target groups:

  • Target groups of the activity differentiated by age or thematic focus or special needs: Children (ca. 3 – 8 years), Older Kids (ca. 6 – 12 years), Teenagers (ca. 13 – 18 years), Young adults (ca. 17 – 26 years), NEETs, Youth with fewer opportunities, Youth Workers, Teachers

This big icon shows us the competences, which are developed by the activity: civic, social or both


What is this activity about? What new is being educated? Which skills and competences are developed? What knowledge do the participants acquire?


Materials, tools and equipment needed for running the activity

Specific environment:

Does the activity require a special environment?

Goals and Aims:

Which specific educational goals does the activity have?


The whole process of the activity is described step by step as it is happening, including preparation, realization and reflection.


What are the outcomes and how are they measured? Is there any validation tool used; if yes, which one?

Project in which has been the method used:

If the activity was originally used in another project, you will find its details here.

Title: Name of the project, where the activity was used

Web: Link to the project’s website

Contact person: Name of the person responsible for the activity or project